Port of Pietarsaari

Transit in the port area

Transit in the port area

Entry to the port area is through the main gate.

The Port of Pietarsaari requires that everyone uses CE safety clothing provided with the employer’s logos to ensure the visibility of personnel in the Port Area. Also helmet and safety shoes are required, when working or moving outside the vehicle.

Identification cards supplied by the Port of Pietarsaari are worn by permanent personnel working within the Port Area. The speed limit for land traffic in the Port area is 30 km/h. An amber flashing light must be used on the roof of service vehicles and all machinery.

Driving in quay areas has to be avoided. Follow the marked routes and traffic signs.

All unnecessary traffic near loading and unloading work is forbidden. Please be aware of possible traffic near warehouse corners and doors.

Pedestrian traffic is only permitted on marked routes on the quay sides.

Containers or other equipment must not be placed or stored on traffic routes, even temporarily. At railroads, the space required by rail traffic must be taken into account.

The area is supervised by recording video and camera surveillance system as well as regular security patrols.

Persons who are suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be removed from the port area by police, customs or port authority.